Dr. Allan H. Charles
Dr. Wilson S. Morishita
Dr. Sarvenaz Angha

Guided Surgery

Our office is equipped with a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) unit which allows us to capture 3-dimensional images of our patient's mouths. With this information, we are able to visualize critical details that allow us to plan cases with the utmost precision. Furthermore, we can digitally plan the position of implants and crowns and fabricate surgical guides that allow for minimally invasive treatment and predictable and reliable results. Our office has been using digitally guided implant surgery for decades and have found it to be a huge benefit that we are proud to offer to our patients.   


"What is involved with guided implant surgery?"

After your evaluation, we will obtain a 3 dimensional image of your mouth. The digital planning of your dental implant or implants will be done on computer software. In this way, we are able to digitally place your future dental implant in the ideal position. From this treatment plan, we obtain a surgical guide that allows us to replicate the exact computer-planned implant position in your mouth. Since we are extremely familiar with the details of your case ahead of time, we often perform these procedures with the least invasive of techniques.