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Halitosis Treatment in Pasadena

Bad breath is a common ailment that many people face, whether it’s a loved one's or your own. While this problem can be quickly addressed with mouthwash or a quick brushing session, bad breath on a consistent basis is a red flag for potential health problems. At Pasadena Periodontal Associates, Dr. Allan Charles and his associates treat patients with persistent bad breath.

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The Causes of Halitosis

Bad breath can be caused by a number of factors. More than a few of these can be addressed through daily prevention, such as steady oral hygiene routines between regular visits to your general dentist.   Other contributors to bad breath are:

  • Gum Disease. If you only brush daily but do not floss, you should consider adding thorough flossing to your oral hygiene routine. Small bits of food that are inaccessible to brushes can become trapped and decay. This not only affects your breath but your health overall, since this harmful bacteria causes, gum disease and can enter your bloodstream and potentially compromise your well-being. 

  • Smoking. Regular smoking can not only leave you with bad breath but discolored teeth.  If you already have issues with dry mouth, smoking can exacerbate this problem by further inhibiting the production of saliva. As natural spit is needed to sweep away food debris throughout the day, poor hygiene coupled with smoking can cause bad breath problems. 

  • Health Conditions. Halitosis is a warning sign for numerous conditions and diseases, such as respiratory infections, diabetes, liver disease, and lung disease, some of which are exacerbated by periodontal infection. Check with your doctor to ensure you are healthy and that persistent bad breath does not indicate any of the above-mentioned illnesses.

Periodontal Treatment for Bad Breath in Pasadena 

Prevention can go a long way toward preserving not only the pleasantness of your breath but also your health overall. At Pasadena Periodontal Associates, we evaluate your smile to determine if a periodontal infection is the source of the unpleasant tastes or odors you are experiencing.  As gum specialists, we provide many procedures to restore your health, including gum grafting and pocket reduction treatment. 

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Bad breath should not be dismissed as a common, harmless ailment. If you have persistent bad breath and need treatment, call Pasadena Periodontal Associates today to schedule your appointment. We determine the cause of this issue and work with you to establish a solution that will let you bring you peace of mind.