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Gum Surgery

Gum Grafts and Gum Re-Contouring 

Balance is a key element to an aesthetically-pleasing smile. For patients who show too much gum tissue as well as those suffering from gum recession, gingival re-contouring and grafting allows them to regain optimal oral health, function, and aesthetics. At Pasadena Periodontal Associates, our dedicated team of dental professionals offer gum grafting and gum re-contouring treatments to enhance the look and health of patients' smiles.

Gum Grafting at our Pasadena Periodontal Office

From poor genetics to gum disease, there are a number of contributing factors which can cause the gums to pull away from teeth. Known as gum recession, this condition is both aesthetically unappealing and can compromise the overall health of the smile by leaving tooth roots exposed and vulnerable to decay.​

Gum grafting helps restore the look of healthy gums while protecting exposed roots. Following an in-depth evaluation of your gums as well as discussion on your ultimate smile goals, our periodontists may recommend one of the following gum grafting treatment options:

Connective Tissue Grafts: Ideal for treating root exposure, this form of soft tissue grafting uses either donor connective tissue or the underlying tissue from the palate to cover areas of exposure. 

Free Gingival Grafts: Our Pasadena periodontists use the top layer of tissue from the roof of the mouth to cover exposed roots and areas with thinning gingiva. 

Pedicle Grafts: Tissue is taken from the surrounding area and a flap, or pedicle is created to expose the root. Grafted tissue is then placed in the area and the flap is sutured back in place. 

Gum Re-Contouring 

In some cases, overgrown gums or incomplete tooth eruption, can make the teeth look too small, compromising the proportions of the smile. For patients with these gummy smiles, gum contouring is a cosmetic gum procedure that restores balance to the smile. During this surgical procedure, we will remove excess gum tissue to lengthen the visible crown portion. Following treatment and recovery, patients are able to enjoy renewed balance and dental aesthetics. 

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At Pasadena Periodontal Associates, we combine evidence-based solutions with state-of-the-art techniques to ensure patients receive the high quality care they deserve. To learn more about improving the health and aesthetics of your smile with gum grafting and gum re-contouring, contact our periodontists today.