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Dear Dr. Morishita & Staff,
I'd like to thank you for the kindness and expertise you've shown my father. We so appreciate that you were able to see him (a non patient!) and then went extra steps to ensure he was recovering as hoped. We don't know the final outcome yet but do know that he's had the best care thanks to you and your staff.


It is a kind, compassionate practice and I wish that on my family, friends and colleagues also.


The staff are very professional . It seems like everyone in the office enjoy their job. That is a pleasant change.


I feel I have excellent care of my teeth and gums. Everyone there is nice and efficient.


Your staff is the best, especially joanne and dr. charles


We have been patients of Dr. Charles since 1990 (almost 25 years) when he corrected some very severe problems, bringing us back to excellent dental health, which he has overseen thru all those years. He is a perfectionist who loves his work, & communicates that enthusiasm & superb care to his patients. And his jokes are maybe 99% funny, but it's his delivery that is 100%. Compliments & affection.

The Chapmans

I love the relaxation given by your office arrangement and decoration, Doctor Morishita's honorable and sophisticated service style and Janice's pleasant and pretty face. I also love the beauty of your street.


I am completely satisfied with the periodontal treatments I have received. Every person working there is caring, courteous and knowledgeable.


"Dr. Charles placed an implant for me. He and his staff were wonderful and they made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire appointment. Now that I have my tooth back I'm so happy, it feels so natural."


I am currently undergoing a dental rehab affecting the majority of my teeth, and it has been my pleasure to interact with Dr. Morishita's team at Pasadena Periodontal Associates over the last three years.

Because the rehab involved extractions, bone grafting, and implant surgeries, initially I was hesitant to go ahead with it, seeing one specialist after another and being unable to make the ultimate decision on what action to take.

The reasons I finally asked Dr. Morishita to be my treatment coordinator were his extreme competence as a periodontist, his outstanding skills and professional integrity, his polite, compassionate, extremely well-trained and caring personnel, and last but not least, his apparent decency as a human being.

I have seen close to a dozen different dentists in the Pasadena area and Dr. Morishita is clearly #1 on my list, meaning that I trust him 100%. Not only is he a top-notch periodontist, but he is also a knowledgeable and careful expert who is fully aware of numerous recent developments in multiple specialty areas of dentistry.

Not only are his diagnostic facilities superb, he also utilizes them to their full capacity. Importantly, he is willing to have lengthy, detailed, and informative discussions with patients and his flexibility in treatment planning deserves a special mention as well. He always goes the extra mile to ensure that his patients' treatment is the latest and greatest in the world of implant surgery, and he would not even mind, for example, doing a surgery on Wednesday (his weekly day off) should that be considered necessary!

Words cannot explain my experience with Pasadena Periodontal Associates- stop by and see for yourself why I recommend them to everyone I know. Suffice it to say that without getting to know Dr. Morishita back in 2011 I most likely would not have had the courage it took me to get things going, and that, year later, I am completely satisfied with the state of the art periodontal treatment I received.

Dmitry Shorokhov
Ph.D., Senior Scientist
California Institute of Technology

Dear Dr. Charles,

I have told Marleen and several friends that moving to your practice has been the best medical decision I’ve ever made.

We both appreciate the professionalism in the office, the good humor, and the lack of “scolding”.

I am very appreciative of the state of the art equipment which seems much more effective.

Many thanks,


"Thank you, Hugh. This is the best complement that we can get. We love to help people improve not only their periodontal health, but their dental and overall health as well. We know that the oral - systemic health connection is related to gum health. "
Dr. C.