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Dr. Wilson S. Morishita
Dr. Sarvenaz Angha
Dr. Jeffrey T. Hsu

Clinical Research | Pasadena, CA | Allan H. Charles, DDS

To our patients:

We are excited about an opportunity to do Clinical-Based Research in our practice. This is a recognition of the quality of care that we try to provide for you, our patients.

We believe that as an Evidence-Based Practice, we may provide our patients with improved care derived from creating customized treatment plans based on the combination of stronger scientific evidence, clinical judgment and experience, as well as patient preferences and values.

The office may seem busy from time to time; however, if there are any inconveniences caused by our research, we would like to apologize in advance and are grateful for your patience and understanding of our continued commitment to provide the best treatment for our patients.


Pasadena Periodontal Associates
Drs. Charles and Morishita